Enemy Of Reality's Guitarist Steelianos' Interview

By Michael M. on 6:30 PM 03 March 2018

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Hello there ! I want to thank Enemy Of Reality's guitarist Steelianos for answering to my questions. He talks about the band's upcoming tour as Therion's support among other  stuff .

It is an interesting interview so.. here it is and hope you'll enjoy it !!!



      - Hello Steelianos and I’m glad that you’ll be answering my questions and I thank you for that. Well to start with, how is audience responding to Enemy Of Reality’s  music so far?

Hello mate, it ‘s a pleasure for me as well!
It ‘s been almost 5 years since we started the band. People seem to enjoy what we ‘re doing so far, our fans and friends keep increasing and expanding both here in Greece as well as abroad. As time goes by and we evolve, apart from the symphonic or female fronted metal fans, I find that more people that listen to other genres seem to like our music. And it always feels rewarding. I don’t believe in genres much, there ‘s music that attracts our ears and music that doesn’t. Most people I ‘ve met seem to be attracted to our stuff, so I ‘m happy.

-         - Recently (23rd February)  you  gave a gig in Athens. How was it there? Although I heard so many good words about this gig I would like to hear it from your point of view.

I wish you ‘d be there to catch up and meet in person mate! Fortis Ventus were great, people liked them a lot. It was great, for us and the fans from what I ‘ve heard. The place was full, people enjoyed it much, we could see many of them singing the lyrics with Iliana which means they really knew the tracks. We played stuff from both our albums plus one cover, apx. 80 minutes. And all the people that regularly follow our shows said it was our best appearance so far.

-         - At this point I would like to congratulate you for your upcoming European tour with Therion as one of their support groups. I think it ‘s a huge success for the band and it ‘s your first European tour if I’m not mistaken . How did this happened? How everyone in the band feels about that? You must be in so great mood.

Thank you very much. We all feel great, and I guess it will be one hell of an experience. We ‘re all big fans of Therion ‘s music. We ‘ve been abroad in many European shows and festivals but it will be our first European tour as you said.
We ‘ll visit Finland for 3 shows if I ‘m not mistaken, Sweden for 2 shows, Latvia, Lithuania and Esthonia, and the cool thing is we ‘ve never been there before, so we hope we ‘ll introduce our music to new people.

What happened was that the agency had seen us perform in Belgium or the U.K.,
I ‘m not sure which one, Chiara who is a good friend of ours performed with us both on “Showdown” from “Arakhne” as well as on stage in 2016. So they had heard about us. It ‘s not easy to get on such a roster, there are countless bands that  really want to be on such a tour. So, according to what a band has done, it either gets picked or not . We got to talking with the agency and were in a long list of bands from which they ‘d pick the ones that would join the tour, and we got the gig.
And as I said earlier we ‘re very happy for that.

-         - What people all around Europe  will hear from Enemy Of Reality? Have you prepared maybe something special for the stage?

We believe a lot in our latest album, “Arakhne”, so we ‘ll  pick our playlist on songs from it for the most part. We ‘ll give our 101% on stage as always, and hope that the audience will have as much fun as we will. As for surprises, we played an almost unrehearsed cover on our last gig in Athens, Lady-Gaga-meets-extreme-metal kind of crossover, and it was a huge success. I don’t know if we ‘ll play this one on the tour, it depends on the mood and the crowd.

-      -    So  I bet that you are excited every time that you are about to go on stage to perform in front all those people. What do you do before enter the stage to be calm and perform your best?

What I usually do is warm up, perform some physical exercises and stretches, play guitar for about 30 minutes or so, depending on the time of the day I ‘ll either get some coffee or one beer, eat well something light about 3-4 hours before the show, and get dressed.

-        -  Any future plans from the band besides this tour ?

We ‘ll perform in Patras and Kalamata here in Greece with SepticFlesh in April, there ‘s another show that hasn’t been announced officially so I really can’t share any details, and then there ‘s the FEMME festival in Netherlands in October. Apart from those, we ‘re slowly preparing the successor of “Arakhne”, our next release that is.

-          - I would like to thank you once again for answering my questions and I wish you all the best!!!

Thank you very much brother, hope to see you on the road. Take care and all the best from all of us in the band!

Here they are Enemy Of Reality's Upcoming Gigs :

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