Greek Artists Talk To Michael Part 3

By Michael M. on 7:00 PM 16 February 2018

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Chili (Beggars

Dimitris Ravikakis (Dope Default)

First of all i want to apologise that took me so long time to upload this article but i had some personal issues (they are solved so we are back in track).

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Above all i want to thank Bass player Chili of the Greek stoner band Beggars and the performer Dimitris Ravikakis the also Greek band Dope Default that were so possitive to answer my questions . Thank you guys and wish you the best! So...

Here are the questions :

-Which one do you prefer the most and why? Summer or winter?

 Chili : Winter suits as better 100%! We like cold weather… It’s one more reason to drink your booze in order to get warm, so you can drink more!!

Dimitris Ravikakis : be really honest...although every season year round has its magic moments...lets face it...summer kicks butt...especially when you 're rocking on stage

 -Which was your best moment in 2017?

Chili : 2017 is for us a year full of surprises (interview was taken at  late October)… Happy and less happy ones. For the time speaking we had a great time during our Acoustic Tour which lasted about 60 gigs, but because we’re an electric band our best moments took place in the last 3, full band, gigs with our new drummer Mike Kasvikis in Athens, Kozani, Thessaloniki.

Dimitris Ravikakis : I think the best moment so far was at the begining when we all got together and after 2 or 3 jams we realized that this is it...the chemistry...the passion and dedication to do what we love is right there by each and every one of us...

 -What do you do on your free time? (Something that probably relaxes you) 

Chili : Watching movies, listening to music, drinking booze in Menudo Rock Bar!

Dimitris Ravikakis : Personally on my free time i like to watch the sun and the sky...empty my mind and just feel...other times i grab a guitar and i come up with ideas for new thing for sure though...there is this moment in the morning when i wake up and prepair my coffee to enjoy with a couple of cigarettes and believe me...that moment is when i let nothing interrupt

 -Which are your 3 favorite songs?

Chili : Of all time? Very general question… I would say: Kashmir – Led Zeppelin, The Wizard – Black Sabbath and Been Too Long On The Road – Bread.

Dimitris Ravikakis : Woow....Thats a tough one for me really...i dont know if i can squeeze what i like in just 3 songs...i like so many songs...from a lot of genres...i ll try to give it a shot though with songs i can listen to many times in a row... Dio - Sacred Heart BLS - Crazy Horse Whitesnake - Aint no love in the heart of the city

 -Name us 2 artists or groups that you admire their work(and maybe inspired you in some way)

Chili : The Beatles, Led Zeppelin.

Dimitris Ravikakis : Weeell...again...i admired so many of them over the years...i would say that the one who really insired me to get involved with music was my father...he s a musician too but since we re talking about bands or artists widely known i would say that Iron Maiden...Black Sabbath and Metallica have been my main influences and inspirators...oops...sorry you said 2...ha ha ha

  -Want to share with us one of your big dreams? What do are you planning to succeed on the following years?

 Chili : Our big dream’s title is: Sky is the limit. I believe you can get what we mean. For now the only thing we have in mind is the recording of our new album which will take place in the following weeks.

Dimitris Ravikakis:  One of my big dreams up ahead is to perform in front of thousand of friends and share our music...

-Any music plans for the rest of this year?

Chili : Recording our 5th album and playing as many gigs as we can.

Dimitris Ravikakis : As a band our plans are to continue doing what we love so much and share our music around the world...and concerts...lots and lots of concerts all around

 -How hard do you think is for a new artist to be known on the Greek audience and how hard is for him/her/them to be known worldwide?

Chili : It’s all about how committed you are in yourself and your band. You have to work really hard and we believe you have to play as many gigs as you can, so you can travel and reach to everyone’s ears. Then people decide if they like you or not. The more you play the “easier” it gets to make a fan base and then make it bigger…

 Dimitris Ravikakis :  Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll as the mighty AC/DC sung back in the days... As for Greece...well it was difficult to be recognised here in Greece due to the fact that the entertaintment is based mostly on folklor music but the latest years more and more people and places open their arms in rock music and its easier now to be heard around but you still have to work hard about it... As for worldwide...its still hard and needs a lot of work but if you re good in what you do other people will respect that and recognise you...and of course lets not forget that internet nowadays is a powerfull tool to get you there...but have to work hard and love what you do...

 -I would like to share with us a funny moment that happened on a gig (a crazy fan perhaps or something else )

 Chili : The moment(s) when Yannis fell on stage during a festival in Thessaloniki. You can watch them here (yes we recorded them and used them in one of our video clips):

Dimitris Ravikakis : Well things happen in gigs you know...girls screaming and teasing etc far i never experienced something crazy crazy perse...but...there was this time when we played open doors in a concert and this old skinny guy (and probably had a lot of beers) was right in front of me where i was singing...and you could tell he was not a rocker but he was enjoying all of this and he was dancing and banging his head and jumping up and down with a big smile on his face...he was really living the moment thats for sure...i liked the freedom he was radiating...!!!

 Thank you for answering my questions. It was a pleasure and a honor for me and I wish you all the best!

  Chili  : Thank you for your support!!! Rock on!!!!

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