Dirty Granny Tales - Live In Athens - "Didi's Son" Review

By Michael M. on 5:38 PM 23 March 2018

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It was a magic night. A unique experience. I will try to say a few words about what i experienced that night without to spoil anything( i hope to achieve that) because i think that is something that everyone must see... So..


20:50 : I have already bought my ticket and i'm ready to get into the theater where this concert is about to take place. I can't wait to live this experience. I've heard so many great things about Dirty Granny Tales' shows and is a while i'm about to find out if they are true or not. I saw some videos on youtube and offcourse their trailer for this show and now.. i'm here to see them live.

21:05 : The doors open and me and the other 149 people ,that were waiting (it was another sold out night ) outside the theater ,enter. We sit in our seats. I can't wait fot the show to start. I smile like a child. I see the instruments on the stage. Where is the band ?? I can't wait !! Come on guys,  start!!

21:20 : All the people are on their seats and the show finally starts. What i'm gonna see? In a theatrical way every member enters the stage and goes to his instrument. Without to say a word to us the music starts. The show finally started!!! I'm about to hear and see the faitytale i came for...
Puppets on stage , a dancer, animations on the video wall and offcourse music so they can tell us their story... Granny i'm here to hear my tale!!

22:32 : The show is over. I'm so amazed. It was an unique faitytale i would say. Dirty Granny Tales' fairytale .The show is over and i want more and more and i bet i'm not the only one with those feelings. They say goodbye to us on their own way and we cheer  to show them our love, to thank them for this show. I can't wait to see them again next time.

In conclusion Dirty Granny Tales' show is a mixture of so many elements (Japanese theatrics, gothic music, black music, animation etc) .bound so good together . Is a unique fairytale performed on stage. I was amazed with their music too.

Didi's Son is a great show and i recomment it to anyone that wants to live a unique experience , to anyone that wants to have a great time. Is a show that everyone should at least once  see in his life.
You will thank me later for this recommendation!!

Thank you Dirty Granny Tales for this night , thank you for your fairytale ...

Dirty Granny Tales are :

Shake Teeth (Keyboard, Secondary vocals) - Christina Siriopoulou

Mouldbreath (Vocals , Guitar, Mandolin) - Stayros Mitropoulos

Worm Eaten Vagus (Bass. Folks Instruments, Secondary vocals) - Thanos Mitropoulos

Heart Beat Zero (Percussions) - Michalis Kasvikis

Dance , Puppet user - Erifili Dafermou

Puppet user - Stayros Psilakis

Dirty Granny Tales will be in Greece for three more days (23-25 /3/2018) at Stathmos Theater , Metaksourgio, Athens

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