ENEMY OF REALITY’s new track "In Hiding" -New Upcoming Album

By Michael M. on 10:04 AM 19 October 2016

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Greek symphonic metallers Enemy Of Reality release a new album called "ARAKHNE" by FYB RECORDS at the end of this month(23/10/2016)

Arakhne” by Enemy of Reality is mainly based on the ancient Greek myth of the spider's creation, while also several other elements of the Greek mythology are also present in the album's lyrics.

The album’s artwork has been designed by TonyMidi Artworks (Asking Alexandria, Papa Roach, Hellyeah, Heaven Shall Burn and more).

The recordings, and mixing/mastering were conducted by George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ, Lucifer's Child) at Pentagram Studios & Mark Adrian at 133 Studios.

The album features guest performances by:  Jeff Waters (Annihilator) ,Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire/Angra) ,Chiara Malvestiti (Therion/Chrysalys)

"Arakhne, the most renowned and flawless weaver of her time but extremely arrogant, provokes Athena, goddess of wisdom, arts and crafts and creator of the loom. The story is filled by emotions and conflicting moral values and behaviors by the characters, both humans and immortals: Admiration, envy, disappointment, anger, greed, arrogance and egoism, justice and nemesis are expressed by the music and the lyrics of the album as the plot unfolds..." writes the band on their offical website and facebook page about their album's

Arachne's Tracklist :

1. Martyr
2. Reflected (feat. Fabio Lione)
3. Weakness Lies Within
4. Time Immemorial
5. Nouthetisis (feat. Jeff Waters)
6. Afraid No More
7. Showdown (feat. Chiara Malvestiti)
8. The Taste Of Defeat 9. In Hiding
10. I Spare You
11. A Gift Of Curse

"In Hiding" is the 9th chapter from the concept album "ARAKHNE" :

Enemy Of Reality are:

Iliana - Vocals
Steelianos - Guitars
Thanos - Bass
Philip - Drums Leonidas - Keyboards (2015-)

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