Sirenia - New Upcoming Album - An Official Lyric Video

By Michael M. on 4:31 PM 10 October 2016

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"Dim Days of Dolor" is the upcoming eighth full-length album by Norwegian gothic metal band Sirenia.

It will be released on November 11, 2016 through Napalm Records.

Is the first album with the French mezzo-soprano singer Emmanuelle Zoldan as female lead vocalist of Sirenia.

Zoldan was officially announced as the new singer in September 2016, once the instrumental recordings and mixed were finished.

Tracklist :

1. "Goddess of the Sea"
2. "Dim Days of Dolor"
3. "The 12th Hour"
4. "Treasure n' Treason"
5. "Cloud Nine"
6. "Veil of Winter"
7. "Ashes to Ashes"
8. "Elusive Sun"
9. "Playing with Fire"
10. "Fifth Column"
11. "Aeon's Embrace"

Bellow you can enjoy their official lyric video for the song "The 12th Hour"

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