Planet Of Zeus - Loyal To The Pack - Album Review

By Michael M. on 3:46 PM 05 July 2016

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Another one musical proposal from Greece. Planet of Zeus ladies and gentlemen. Keep this name in mind.

But who are Planet Of Zeus? Planet of Zeus are a heavy rock band from Athens, Greece.
They have been around since 2000, playing extensively throughout their home country, just about anywhere they could, ranging from house parties to stadiums.

And this year they introduce to us their new "angry baby" their fourth full lenght album "Loyal To The Pack"

"Why should I listen to this album?" , "What so special about it?"

Because it's an experience that will rock your mind.

Some people said as a negative issue on this album that Babis Papanikolaou's vocals weren't so wild than on their previous albums.

Well F.. them!!

F.. awesome vocals(a bit difference than we're beed used to but we don't care cause he rocks!!!) 

Songs that make you want to get up and smash everything(such as "Loyal to the pack","Little Deceiver") ,so great riffs (especially on " Your Love Makes Me Wanna Hurt Myself").

And after all this energy you get from them, the album colcludes with their wonderfull ,soulfull instrumental song "Athens" ....just to relax you until your next meeting with Planet of Zeus.

Their best album so far.

All stand up and yell : "Hell yeah, go Planet of Zeus".

Best momments : Your Love Makes Me Wanna Hurt Myself, Little Deceiver, Sea Bastard


Tracklist : 

1.Loyal to the Pack
2.Devil Calls My Name
3.Them Nights
4.Little Deceiver
5.Your Love Makes Me Wanna Hurt Myself
7.Sea Bastards
8.White Shrouds
9.Scum Alive
10.Indian Red

Planet Of Zeus are:

Babis Papanikolaou-Vox & Guitars
Stelios Provis-Guitars
Giannis Vrazos- Bass
Serapheim Giannakopoulos-Drums

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