Anneke Van Giersbergen - Acoustic Live At "The Unplugged Experience" - 16.05.15 - Theater Trianon,Athens - Michael's Impressions

By Michael M. on 12:03 PM 26 May 2015

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20:25: I am outside of the Trianon Theater in Patissia, Athens where as says the poster of the concert, the event will start at 21:00. 250 people expect the doors to open to get inside.

20:30: And while I expect some delay. the organizers disprove me and on time, as reported, the doors are opened and the 250 people(the concert was sold out weeks ago.) start to enter.

20:40: In the scene are the instruments for the first support of the night, Lia Hide.

21:00: Once again the excellent organization continues and without a minute delay climbs and the first notes of the piano is the confirmation that a magical evening has begun. 30 minutes are more than enough for Lia Hide to captivate us with her melodies and beautiful voice.
Stunning stage presence and left an excellent impression. It is worth to seek to hear her in an entire concert and not just in the role of support.

21:30: While Lia Hide thank us, in applause as a reward for the wonderful opening, the scene is getting ready for the second support of the night, the metallers "Enemy Of Reality" who last year released their first album and they will perform for a first time an acoustic set. The microphone with the skull leaves no room for doubt about what we are going to listen.

Singer Eliana leaves you speechless with her voice and her operatic vocals are capable to make me exclaim "Wow! Great voice" and collect my jaw off the floor. The few problems in the sound,are not enough to alleviate the good impression they left us. In their songs accompanied then a choir, a good surprise and i must mentiot the very good cover of "carnival of rust" of "Poets Of the Fall". On stage with them climbed Maxi Nil of Jaded Star to interpret with, the very good "Nedlees Bites" and I was pleased to hear two great female metal voices of Greece. They left very good impressions and they were great support.

22:45: After 40 minutes of "Enemy Of Reality",the stage is empty of bodies, and the moment we all expected has arrived. The theater is full of applause and in the stage goes up the great voice called Anneke Van Giersbergen with single companion a guitar.

But even with only a guitar Anneke is capable to leave you speechless with her voice.By going up on stage and while she has a check sound, regains the warm applause of the public between laughs for the very good joke, how the eye because of non-stop running will soon seemed to Alice Cooper. Communicative, with humor and mockingly (also referred to its experience and impressions from her appearance in Greek show "Radio Arvila" commenting with enough humor dose) launched an exuberant setlist which included covering an indicative range of her musical collaborations.

He played with the public and with each opportunity thanked us and referred to her great love for Greece something that we understand that is true and notjust s statement just to impress.She referred to each gig made ​​in this acoustic period in Greece something that gave a special flavor to the evening.

As for the track list of this concert: From covers to Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Chris Isaak, Dolly Parton, U2 musical references with Within Temptation (The amazing Somewhere, which as she said it was a song that all asked for in every city where sang), The Gathering, Agua De Annique and Arjen Lucassen, among others.

For each song there was a little story to tell, for the melancholic but beautiful story of Yalin, or always moving reference to the beauty of Athens with the "Beautiful One". As long as the singer Anneke was on stage there were no sound problems and everything went great.

General impressions: It was a wonderful evening, all rolling perfectly and was a concert that will certainly remember after some time. Thanks you Anneke for this night.

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