Ex Black Sabbath's Drummer Bill Ward Releases New Album And Talks About His Departure On 2012 From The Band

By Michael M. on 9:46 PM 27 April 2015

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Accountable Beasts is the ex-Black Sabbath's drummer Bill Ward's third solo album. It was released as a digital download on 25 April 2015, 18 years after his previous solo album, When the Bough Breaks.

The drummer in a recently interview wanted to talk again about his departure from Black Sabbath back on 2012.
Bill Ward accused Black Sabbath that they offered him "a crap contract", as he said."They wanted me to play only in 2-3 songs of the album ("13") and said that i'm overweight and that i couldn't make it",drummer continued to say.

Ozzy Osbourne answered and told that it was wise desicion Ward's departure from Black Sabbath, cause he has health problems and it was imposible to make it on a world tour with the band.

Bill Ward answered by telling that he is in "great form" and continued by telling information for his new album.

He made ​​available through iTunes his new album "Accountable Beasts". Ward believes that this album has too heavy sound.
He also mentioned that in the future one more album is set to be released ("Beyond Aston") which is long prepared.

Track listing:
1."Leaf Killers"
2."Accountable Beasts"
3."Katastrophic World"
5."First Day Back"
6."As It Is in Heaven"
9."The Wall of Death"
All songs written and composed by Bill Ward.

Bill Ward - vocals, drums, keyboards
Keith Lynch - guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Paul Ill - bass
Ronnie Ciago - drums, percussion
Walter Earl - percussion

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