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By Elric on 12:24 AM 30 June 2009

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"Death...The Brutal Way", the new video from the reformed Dutch death metal outfit AsphyxMartin van Drunen (vocals), Wannes Gubbels (bass/vocals), Paul Baayens (guitar) and Bob Bagchus (drums) — can be viewed below. The clip was helmed by Oliver Barth.

"Death...The Brutal Way" is the title track of Asphyx's comeback album, which was released in Europe on June 22 via Century Media Records.

Asphyx has scheduled a CD-release club show for "Death...The Brutal Way" on Saturday, July 4 at Turock in Essen, Germany. Support for this special event will come from Desaster and Necros Christos.

The group previously said about the new CD: "Cliche or not, this truly IS the heaviest Asphyx album of all. This could easily be THE real follow-up to 'The Last One On Earth'. The songs are as always catchy, brutal and straight-forward. The slower parts have become even more slow and heavier than ever before. This is doom/death metal in the real Asphyxspirit. This will grind everything to its grave! This is death metal as we, Asphyx, like it best. Old school to the bone!"

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