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By Elric on 4:13 PM 22 August 2008

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Metallica's new single, "The Day That Never Comes", is available for streaming right now from the following links or by clicking play at the end of this post:

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Metallica debuted a new song called "Cyanide" during its headlining set on August 9 at Ozzfest, which took place at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas. This marked the first time that the band has performed any material in concert from "Death Magnetic". The song can be found in bands MySpace page.

You can also listen to the track below.

"The Day That Never Comes" lyrics:

Born to push you around
Better just stay down
You put away, he hits the flesh
You hit the ground
Mouth so full of lies
Tender black your eyes
Just keep them closed
Keep praying
Just keep waiting

Waiting for the one
The day that never comes
When you stand up and feel the warmth
But the sunshine never comes, no
No, the sunshine never comes

Push you cross that line
Just stay down this time
Hide in yourself
Crawl in yourself
You'll have your time
God, I'll make them pay
Take it back one day
I'll end this day
I'll splatter color on this grave

Waiting for the one
The day that never comes
When you stand up and feel the warmth
But the sunshine never comes
No the sunshine never comes

Love is a four-letter word
And never spoken here
Love is a four letter word
Here in this prison
I suffer this no longer
I put it into this I swear
This I swear the sun will shine
This I swear
This I swear
This I swear

Solo [/END]

Metallica guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield told that the clip won't be making any lofty political statements about the war in Iraq. Instead, it's a statement on humanity, helmed by acclaimed Danish director Thomas Vinterberg, who, along with Lars von Trier, co-founded the Dogme 95 movement in filmmaking. Hetfield said that when he was writing the song's lyrics, he never envisioned the video would look anything like this.

"That's the beauty, I think, of writing vague but powerful lyrics — that someone like a movie director can interpret it in his own way and obviously, someone creative is able to take the metaphors and apply them to whatever he needs in his own life," the frontman explained to "The main [theme of the video] is the human element of forgiveness and someone doing you wrong, you feeling resentment and you being able to see through that in the next situation that might be similar and not take your rage or resentment out on the next person and basically keep spreading the disease of that through life."

He added, "The one thing that I wasn't keen on here was Metallica plugging into a modern war or a current event [that] might be construed as some sort of political statement on our part. There are so many celebrities that soapbox their opinions, and people believe it's more valid because they're popular. For us, people are people — you should all have your own opinion. We are hopefully putting the human element in what is an unfortunate part of life. There are people over there dealing with situations like this, and we're showing the human part of being there.

"It's the forgiveness part — that is key," he continued. "Metallica has never plugged into any current event visually, but this one is kind of a hotbed. People have very high opinions about this war, and we're trying to cut through all of that. The politics and the religion tend to separate people, and what we're trying to do is bring it together with the common thread of resentment and forgiveness."

Metallica's new album, "Death Magnetic", is scheduled for release on September 12.

"The Day That Never Comes" audio (entire song):

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Did you listen to Metallica's newest album Death Magnetic? I am so psyched, it kicks some serious azz! You can see them live in concert now because of their present tour. Check out and get all their concert and tour info.

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yeah...its pretty good...surprisingly !

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