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By Elric on 12:27 PM 24 February 2007

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According to, the new Black Sabbath track "The Devil Cried" will be released in digital form to the public via all digital retailers on Tuesday, March 13. The song was written and produced by guitarist Tony Iommi and singer Ronnie James Dio and was recorded with bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Vinny Appice in November 2006 in the U.K. The cut was engineered and mixed by Mike Exeter, who worked on Iommi's "Fused" and "The 1996 DEP Sessions".

"The Devil Cried" is the first single off the group's forthcoming "best-of" collection, "Black Sabbath: The Dio Years". The first comprehensive introduction to the band's legacy features a dozen classic studio recordings, plus one live track — "Children Of The Sea" from 1982's "Live Evil". The collection also contains the three brand-new tracks — the aforementioned "The Devil Cried", plus "Shadow Of The Wind", and "Ear In The Wall" — three samples of what Heaven and Hell are going to sound. The disc will be available April 3 at all physical retail outlets and at for a suggested list price of $18.98. The album will also be available at all digital retail outlets for a suggested retail price of $11.99. Check out the cover artwork at this location.

Arranged chronologically, the compilation spotlights singer Ronnie James Dio's time with Black Sabbath and draws heavily from the lineup's 1980 debut and 1981 follow-up, "Heaven and Hell" and "Mob Rules" and some songs from the brief reunion with Sabbath for the "Dehumanizer" album and tour.

"Black Sabbath: The Dio Years" track listing:

01. Neon Knights
02. Lady Evil
03. Heaven And Hell
04. Die Young
05. Lonely Is The Word
06. The Mob Rules
07. Turn Up The Night
08. Voodoo
09. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
10. After All (The Dead)
11. TV Crimes
12. I
13. Children Of The Sea - Live
14. The Devil Cried*
15. Shadow Of The Wind*
16. Ear In The Wall*
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