Death Angel Strikes Back

By Elric on 5:31 PM 24 February 2007

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"We've been jamming out at our studio in Oakland, creating a new album which we plan to release later this year. Good vibes are flowing! Can't wait for you to feel it…

We're pretty much going to lay low on the live shows until we get the album completed. In fact, we did not plan to do any shows at all before summer but then we got invited to play in the Philippines! Pulp Summer Slam Seven takes place at Amoranto Stadium in Manila [on April 28] and we can't wait to hit that outdoor stage in the sizzling heat… it's gonna be insane!

OK, maybe one or two of the summer festivals in Europe; it's torture passing those up!

Other than that, it's all about getting that 'studio tan,' but you can bet your sweet ass that we'll be coming your way after we drop our new disc on ya… I also want to thank each and every one of you who continue to support and enjoy our music. You make us feel so warm and fuzzy.

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