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By Elric on 3:58 PM 25 February 2007

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Brazilian metal band Tribuzy, formed and headed by singer Renato Tribuzy, released its studio debut, "Execution", featuring a "heavy metal all-star team" consisting of Bruce Dickinson, Michael Kiske, Mat Sinner, Ralf Scheepers, Roland Grapow, Andreas Kisser, Kiko Loureiro and Roy Z. The musical influences used by Tribuzy during the writing process were the great classics such as "Powerslave" , "…And Justice For All" and other '80s heavy music.

Tribuzy has now returned with a live album, "Execution Live Reunion", recorded at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo, Brazil in November 2005 and featuring special guest appearances by Bruce Dickinson, Mat Sinner, Ralf Scheepers, Roy Z, Roland Grapow and Kiko Loureiro. The CD was produced by Roy Z. and Renato Tribuzy, and was mixed by Roy Z. at Mountain View studio, in Los Angeles, California.

TRIBUZY lineup:

Renato Tribuzy – Vocals
Gustavo Silvera – Guitars
Frank Schieber – Guitars
Ivan Guilhon – Bass
Flavio Pascarillo – Drums


Bruce Dickinson (vocals)
Michael Kiske (vocals)
Kiko Loureiro (guitar)
Mat Sinner (vocals)
Ralf Scheepers (vocals)
Roland Grapow (guitar)
Roy Z. (guitar)

"Execution Live Reunion" track listing:

01. Into
02. Agressive
03. Divine Disgrace
04. The Attempt
05. Forgotten Time (feat. Kiko Loureiro)
06. Nature Of Evil (feat. Kiko Loureiro, Mat Sinner)
07. Absolution (feat. Ralf Scheepers, Roland Grapow)
08. Web Of Life (feat. Roland Grapow)
09. Execution (feat. Kiko Loureiro)
10. Beast In The Light (feat. Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z)
11. The Means (bonus track)

"Execution Live Reunion" will be released in Europe on April 20 via MTM Music.

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