Tenecious D - The Pick of Destiny (2006)

By Elric on 10:29 AM 11 January 2007

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"Pick of Destiny" is the second work for Tenacious D, the group of insane Jack Black. The new album is called “Pick of Destiny” and substantially it is the history of homonym film that will come out in cinema soon.

The history is simple, Jack Black believes that his destiny is to become a Rock Star, something which will not achieve never if he remains in his parents house. Thus, he decides to pray to Dio (!), who guides him in order to find Kyle and the Pick of Destiny. And together, Black and Kyle, challenge the Devil in a Rock competition!

"Pick of Destiny" is not a masterpiece but it has much fun. The sticker that says Explicit Content in the cover of "Pick of Destiny" is not accidental.

Musically however Tenacious D have improved. “Pick of Destiny” contains 15 songs that vary from hard rock up to metal. Jack Black shows that his voice can move in all lengths and widths. On the other side, Kyle proves that he knows how to play his instrument. Songs like “Kickapoo”, “Break-In-City”, “Car Chase City” are pieces of perfect rock n roll while “Beelzeboss”, “P.O.D.” and “The Metal” are songs with enough humour hard riffs.

"Pick of Destiny" is not a monument in rock history but surely it is an album that will cheer you up with some really good hard rock music.

Rating: 75/100

The Band
  • Jack Black - Vocals
  • Kyle - Guitars

  1. Kickapoo
  2. Classico
  3. Baby
  4. Destiny
  5. History
  6. The Goverment Totally Sucks
  7. Master Exploder
  8. The Divide
  9. Papagenu (He's my sassafrass)
  10. Dude (I totally miss you)
  11. Break-In-City (Storm the Gate)
  12. Car Chase City
  13. Beelzeboss
  14. POD
  15. The Metal

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