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By Elric on 11:23 PM 11 January 2007

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I found some info on the net about the upcoming "Gods Of War" from Manowar.

"Manowar has started to reveal parts of the cover artwork for the band's upcoming album, "Gods of War", which is set to be released on February 23 in Germany (February 26 for the rest of Europe and April 3 for the USA/Canada).

In addition to offering this first taste of what the album cover will look like, the band has revealed a bit more information about the CD concept, including two more songtitles.

"Gods of War" is Manowar's first entry in a cycle of concept albums; each a tribute to a different war god. Opening with the epic piece "Overture to the Hymn of the Immortal Warriors", the tone is set for an album beyond anything Manowar has done before. This album honors Odin — almighty father of the Norse gods — and details the history and exploits of this storied character. His power and wisdom were unmatched among the gods and he is paid tribute with human sacrifice on the battlefield, as heard in the song "The Sons of Odin", the stomping title track "Gods of War" and the storytelling "The Blood of Odin".

Besides the normal jewel-case version, "Gods of War" will also be released as a limited edition in an embossed metal slipcase containing a high grade mediabook bound in leather. Furthermore, this limited edition will feature a bonus DVD with unreleased material detailing the making of this album and some special behind-the-scenes footage. A double-vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve will also be available."

You can also read the review to the single "The Sons of Odin"

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