Happy New Year

By Elric on 12:07 PM 10 January 2007

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Ok, finaly I am back and the site is working properly. All the problems that appeared during holidays are gone :D. First, the site had a problem with spamers. So, word verification is necessary from now on. Second, Oggix had some problems with their servers but it seems that now it ok. And, finaly for some reason blogger was messing up with my fonts, but this one is fixed also. So, everything is ok now :D

Aside the problems the poll is now closed and here are the results:
  • 74% believes that is really expensive to a buy a cd
  • 19% buy one cd per month and only if the have some spare money
  • 3% believes that the prices are ok
  • 3% are addicted and buy more that 5 cds per month !!!
Well, when the 94% don't buy new cds because the prices are so high, the music companies have to reconsider their strategies!

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