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By Elric on 1:00 PM 14 January 2007

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Ozzy Osbourne has talked at Revolver magazine about the recording of his new ablum and his new home/studio, the newly soundproofed guest house behind his Beverly Hills mansion, which he's outfitted with a mixing desk and a ProTools rig.

"When I made records before, I'd have to get up, get in a cab or car, go to the studio, and wait for everyone to turn up. If you're already inspired before you leave for the studio, you're fucked by the time you get there! But now I have the luxury of working in my own home. I can play the music on my own sound system, and I can lie down in my room and watch my flat-screen TV whenever I like."

The new disc promises to be a rawer and heavier affair unlike "Down To Earth". Recorded with the same band that backed Osbourne on his scattered 2006 Ozzfest dates — Zakk Wylde on guitar, Mike Bordin on drums, and Rob "Blasko" Nicholson on bass — the album has no official producer, although Kevin Churko is serving as the engineer.

"Kevin's working the machines and helping me with the songwriting. He really knows what he's doing with the ProTools, which is good because I can't work the fucking thing. I can barely work a light switch!"

"We just went in and jammed out the riffs, just like how they made "Back in Black" and all the Sabbath records," said Wylde. "I don't need Bob Rock there to tell me what to do, like that 'Vagina Monologues' band Metallica (!!!). When you know where you're going, you don't need to ask for fucking directions! It sounds like classic Ozzy — there's piano ballads, there's an acoustic thing, and then there's the heavy shit. From the beginning, Oz kept saying to me, 'Zakk, we need another "No More Tears" — we've gotta piss all over that fuckin' record. This thing's gotta be able to hang with "Diary of a Madman"!'"

Ozzy adds, "I always try to make a great album. It's not like I go in there and go, 'You know what? I've had a great run — I'm gonna do a piece of shit for my next album!' But to be perfectly truthful to you, "Down to Earth" was just a filler album to me. It did well, and some people liked it, and I loved the ballad on it ['Dreamer']. But this album I put in the same league as 'No More Tears', 'Blizzard of Ozz', and 'Diary'. It's definitely my influence of Sabbath coming out, here and there. But then again, I would have liked to see Sabbath put out an album like this at this stage of the game."

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