New death metal group Denial Fiend

By Elric on 9:25 PM 14 January 2007

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Old friends, vocalist Kam Lee (Massacre, Death) and bassist Terry Butler (Massacre, Death, Six Feet Under) with drummer Curtis Beeson (Nasty Savage), and Sam Williams (Down By Law, Pseudo Heroes) inked a deal with Ibex Moon Records. The new band will be called Denial Fiend.

"I'm proud to work with these metal and death metal pioneers and I look forward to Denial Fiend putting out a great release," said Ibex Moon owner John McEntee. "I feel that they will appeal to old school and newer metal fans alike."

The band's debut album, which will also mark Lee's first full-length recording in over a decade, is planned for a June 2007 release. The album is tentatively titled "They Rise."

"I think Denial Fiend will surprise a lot of people," said Butler. "This is not a 'flash-in-the-pan' side project. It's a band that is dedicated and ready to bring metal to the masses!"

Denial Fiend draws on elements of its members' individual pasts to create an edgy yet classic sound of its own. A demo recording of the track "Cover Me in Blood" is available here.

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