Leatherwolf on search for new singer

By Elric on 9:03 AM 14 November 2006

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Leatherwolf released new album this year, called "World Asylum". But a tour for the promotion of "World Asylum" will not follow, since Wade Black left the band.

The band issued the following announcement:

"We would like to thank Wade for his contributions to Leatherwolf and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. There are no hard feelings between both parties. Unfortunately, certain economic realities and the geographical distance between Wade and the rest of the band turned out to be an obstacle too hard to overcome and made working as a unit that much more difficult. We are now looking for someone closer to home, perferably based right here in Southern California. Potential candidates must be able to sing both the Michael Olivieri and Wade Black era songs (guitar abilities a huge plus!), have a valid passport, and be able to go on the road as we have a European tour in the works for spring 2007. Interested parties get in touch with the band via dean.rob@cox.net."

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