Seventh Wonder - Waiting In The Wings (2006)

By Elric on 3:19 PM 15 November 2006

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Last year when I listened to their debut album "Become" I was amazed by the musical talent of these guys. Although I left with the filling that something was missing. Fast forward to present and Seventh Wonder just released their second full length album, called "Waiting In The Wings".

From the first tunes of "Waiting In The Wings" I realized what the missing element was a really good voice. But Seventh Wonder managed to replace their old singer with Tommy Karevik and the result is just amazing. So far, Seventh Wonder was an unpolished diamond. With Tommy Karevik's voice the band just shines!

The album starts with "Star of David", probably one of the best songs for 2006. Power, technic, melody and amazing solos and Mr.Karevik's voice. He is using his voice like an intstrument. Although the following songs are not as good as "Star of David" (if they were, then this would be the album of the decade) but still the are really good. You don't listen to songs like "Taint the Sky" or "Banish the Wicked" every day

I will not say much for the album. This album shows how progressive metal should be. It merges technic and melody, heavy riffs with amazing solos, stanning performance with perfect production. And in the end your not tired of all these but you just want more. Everything is perfectly balanced.

A must buy for the friends of progressive music.

Rating: 90/100

The Band

Andreas Blomqvist - Bass
Johan Liefvendahl - Guitar
Tommy Karevik - Vocals
Johnny Sandin - Drums
Andreas Söderin - Keyboards


Star of David
Taint the Sky
Waiting In The Wings
Banish The Wicked
Not An Angel
Devil's Inc
Walking Tall
The Edge of My Blade

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