Europe - Secret Society (2006)

By Elric on 9:23 AM 05 November 2006

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Europe made a name playing pop-rock in the mid-80s. They sold millions of albums with songs like "The Final Countdown" and "Carrie". What many don't know (inlcuding me) is that these guys are still out there and they are still rocking.

In their seventh album "Secret Society", Europe decided to change their style a bit. An amazingly heavy sound took the place of their past soft production. Tempest voice is more powerfull than ever. But the most obvious change is in the guitars section. Sometimes melodic and sometimes realy heavy riffs that remind Led Zeppelin or UFO. Moreover songs like "Let the Children Play", "Love is Not the Enemy" or "Secret Society" are closer to Stoner Rock!!!

More impressive is that the band decided to produce the album entirely themselves and the result is just perfect. Finaly, I have to say that Europe were able to release "Secret Society", an MODERN album full of FRESH and SOLID ideas.


Rating: 87/100

  • Joey Tempest - Vocals
  • John Norum - Guitar
  • John Levén - Bass
  • Mic Michaeli - Keyboards
  • Ian Haugland - Drums


  1. Secret Society
  2. Always the Pretenders
  3. Love Is Not the Enemy
  4. Wish I Could Believe
  5. Let the Children Play
  6. Human After All
  7. Getaway Plan
  8. Mothers Son
  9. Forever Traveling
  10. Brave and Beautiful Soul
  11. Devil Sings the Blues

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europe playing pop-rock in the mid-80's??
are you mad bastard?? europe played melodic hardrock, but they never played pop rock! they always been heavier and harder than bon-jovi!! did you really listen to somethin'else the the song final countdown and ballads (carrie, ect,,,)? i don't think so

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