Sepultura - The Best Of Sepultura (2006)

By Elric on 11:24 PM 12 October 2006

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It seems that Roadrunner is desperade for cash. And the easiest way to earn some money is to release compilations. Indeed Roadrunnner Records recently released numerous Best of albums. One of them is the "Best Of Sepultura".

Sepultura had a contract with Roadrunner until the release of "Nation" in 2001. Although this compilation contains songs only from the Cavalera period (Until the release of "Roots" in 1996). Actulay Sepultura died when Max Cavalera left the band.

Anyway, if you want to know what realy Thrash Metal is then you MUST listen to Sepultura. Sepultura was one of the most important thrash metal bands not only because their music kicks-ass but also becuase they realy have mature lyrics. (Aah, this brings back memories)

This Best of is great opportunity for new fans to discover Sepultura by buying only one cd. This tracklist is realy a best of Sepultura. Songs like "Arise", "Territory" and "Beneath The Reamains" are realy neck-brakers while "Dead Emryonic Cells" and "Refuse/Resist" are just classics. Indeed the best 13 songs of Sepultura are here. Alhtough, there is no reason for old fans to spend any money in this.


1. Troops of Doom
2. Beneath The Remains
3. Inner Self
4. Arise
5. Dead Embryonic Cells
6. Desperate Cry
7. Refuse/Resist
8. Territory
9. Slave New World
10. Biotech is Godzilla
11. Roots Bloody Roots
12. Attitude
12. Ratamahatta

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