Another line-up change for Iced Earth

By Elric on 10:41 PM 10 October 2006

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It seems that Iced Earth keep changing their line-up. Once again, Jon Schaffer is searching for new band members. It's worth to mention that one month ago, Iced Earth got a new guitarist. Now, the drummer Brent Smedley is returning to the band. At Iced Earth's official website Jon Schaffer made the following post:

"Hello Friends,

I just wanted to make a quick and exciting announcement that I think many of you will be very happy about. Brent Smedley is coming back to Iced Earth for the recording and touring of the Something Wicked saga Parts 1& 2, and beyond. For those of you not familiar you can hear Brent's amazing drumming on the Alive in Athens CD, which in my opinion is the best thing about the recording. I can tell you that on a personal level this makes me very happy. Brent left the band about seven years ago due to personal issues and I've missed him ever since. WELCOME BACK BROTHER!! The machine gun tight rhythm section is back!!!!

I wish Bobby Jarzombek the best of luck in his future endeavors, it was a pleasure jamming with him in the short time that we did.

Due to a personal situation Ernie Carletti will not be able to participate in band activities. I will be making a significant announcement concerning the guitar and bass player positions very soon.

Also, the writing is going well and things are on track. I will post some details soon on As challenging as this gigantic story is to tell in music, I have no doubt that it will be the pinnacle of Iced Earth's work thus far. Take care all. More news is coming soon.

Jon Schaffer"

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