Royksopp - The Understanding (2005)

By Stonedreamer on 1:21 AM 15 October 2006

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Has it ever happenned to you, especially if you listen mysic by the gigabyte like me, to listen to a few new records in a row and start to wonder what was all the fuss about, I've heard that stuff a milion times before. And then you hit the fast-forward button, and tracks keep changing like jingles and then you think to yourself nevermind, I'll place it in the "I'll listen to that later" folder, only to be kept there until the next disk format? Eh, well those were my feelings exactly, till the moment i started listening to "Royksopp - The understanding " album produced in 2005.

And that took place on Tuesday... and I simply just can't get enough... City music banging inside my ears and nocturnal lights so flashy yet so tender to watch...So impressive that I'm starting to wonder...Maybe that six-month winter in Iceland can be productive after all...

Rating: 80/100


  1. Triumphant
  2. Only this moment
  3. 49 percent
  4. Sombre detune
  5. Follow my ruin
  6. Beautiful day without you
  7. What else is there?
  8. Circuit breaker
  9. Alpha male
  10. Someone like me
  11. Dead to the world
  12. Tristesse globale

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