Metallica: The Videos 1989-2004

By Elric on 11:16 PM 15 October 2006

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Metallica are planning to release a music video compilation on DVD due to December 4, 2006. The following announcement can be found in their website:

"We've been getting requests for many years to release all the promotional videos on DVD and it's finally happening...

In addition to every video we've ever made, for the first time ever the '2 Of One', release (which up until now has only been available on VHS) will be available on DVD. Also included is 'Mama Said', which never aired in North America, maybe not even anywhere in the world, and a few little extras such as 'The Unforgiven' theatrical version and the 'Some Kind Of Monster' film trailer. Plus, all the audio has been re-mixed in 5.1 surround sound.

Look for the DVD at your favorite music store on December 4th in most of the world, December 5th in North America. Keep an eye on the Store for more details on how you can pre-order your copy... coming soon!"

Here is the track listing:

* 'One' 7:41
* 'Enter Sandman' 5:28
* 'The Unforgiven' 6:21
* 'Nothing Else Matters' 6:24
* 'Wherever I May Roam' 6:05
* 'Sad But True' 5:26
* 'Until It Sleeps' 4:32
* 'Hero Of The Day' 4:30
* 'Mama Said' 4:51
* 'King Nothing' 5:26
* 'The Memory Remains' 4:37
* 'The Unforgiven II' 6:33
* 'Fuel' 4:35
* 'Turn The Page' 5:49
* 'Whiskey In The Jar' 4:43
* 'No Leaf Clover' 5:33
* 'I Disappear' 4:28
* 'St. Anger' 5:50
* 'Frantic' 4:55
* 'The Unnamed Feeling' 5:29
* 'Some Kind Of Monster' 4:28


* '2 Of One' - Introduction 5:43
* 'One' (Jammin' Version) 5:05
* 'The Unforgiven' (Theatrical Version) 11:29
* 'Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster Film Trailer' 2:27

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