Less Than Jake - In With The Out Crowd (2006)

By Elric on 10:05 AM 20 September 2006

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Less Than Jake count 8 official releases with this one. After some unsuccessful and without any new ideas releases like "Anthem" and "B-Sides", they continue with an equal album. If you ever heard any pop-punk band, then there is no reason to spend 40 mins on this one. The only thing worth to mention is some ska elements on some songs.

The album overflows of a teen-anger that magicaly transforms the album to a stupid release. "In With The Out Crowd" has nothing to add to music history. People who already like Less Than Jake will be satisfied with their older works. People who don't like Less Than Jake will keep dislike them!!!

In the end, even if you are 12 years old and this is one of your first albums you ever heard, "In with the Out Crowd" is still nothing special.

Rating: 45/100

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Yes sir, we have a real winner here! I'm gonna buy it first thing tomorrow morning and have this god-given album playing all day long while I'm gone -as loud as it gets! Mrs. Reuters and Evil henchmen From Across The Street, beware!

Posted on 22/9/06 02:09  

LoL Psile ...no future at all :p or as we say..Future Zero !!!

Posted on 22/9/06 19:26  

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