Fairyland - The Fall Of An Empire (2006)

By Elric on 12:38 PM 23 September 2006

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Fairyland is one of the few french metal bands that were able to make an internatioanl release. As the name and the artwork reveals, Fairyland is a Symponic Power Metal band. The main themes comes from fantasy, rpg like stories.

The influence of bands like Symphony X, Edguy, Avantasia and most of all, Rhapsody is clear to their music. After an epic intro the album opens with two fast symphonic power songs. A small instrumental and then the band slows down a little with "The Awakening" and the ballad "Eldanie Uelle". The rest of the album is a classic syphonic power metal album.

Keyboards has the main role in their music while the vocals are theatrical. "The Fall Of An Empire" has some nice ideas although these ideas are not fresh or original at all. The first songs are pretty good but the extensive use of the backing vocals are really tiresome. Moreover after a while you realize that the songs have the same patterns, a fact that makes the album hard to listen.

In the end, I expect something good from Fairyland in the near future, but first they have evolve in order to develop a unique style (and not to be a clone of other bands).

On the other hand....what was the last time you listened to a good (metal) band from French ??????

Rating: 72/100

The Band:
Parker - Guitar
Giordana - Keyboards
Cesaro - Guitar, Bass
Desfray - Drums
Leclercq - Vocals

1. Endgame
2. The Fall Of An Empire
3. Lost In The Dark Empire
4. Slaves Forlorn
5. The Awakening
6. Eldanie Uelle
7. Clanner Of The Light
8. To The Havenrod
9. The Wall of Laemnil
10. Anmorkenta
11. In Duna
12. The Story Remains
13. Look Into The Lost Years
14. Accross The Endless Sea (Bonus)

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I didn't know French people could speak in english, much less sing in english :) ...And that sounds pretty fresh to me!

Posted on 23/9/06 13:29  

i strongly disagree with this review... sence they are a STORY BASED band its only NATURAL that they retouch certain melodic themes, as do ALL STORIES including but not limited to RPGS... when you see darth vader the 3rd time do you get annoyed if they throw in his theme?

as much as id love originality its not possible nowadays... im into baroque/early classical composition - and i can tell you me bustin out traditional harmony is just as fresh as "cutting edge" music nowadays... its all been done... evry chord progression, and the ones that dont have them are non tonal period - and grind/math/noisecore isnt anything new either.

after listening to as music as i have - they all sound the same, from judas priest to hawthorne heights...(please robhalford forgive me for bringing you up in the same sentence)

with all due respect the only thing that hasnt been overdone is like 12 tone serialism... lol but theoretically its still not FRESH.

last new and fresh thing was early jazz... rock didnt bring anything new to the table besides the complete absense of genuine composition... haha minus some of the older goodies... like queen - and the beatles...

this is Kyle Judkins, Signing out.

Posted on 29/10/06 06:05  

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