Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Deat (2006)

By Elric on 5:44 PM 13 September 2006

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It's always hard to review a new album from a band such as Iron Maiden. With 30 years of history the band changed many times their music style. Some fans want a new "Number of The Beast", some other a new "Brave New World" or a new "Killers" album. The truth is that "A Matter of Liffe and Death" starts where "Dance of Death" stopped.

Don't expect any neckbraker songs like "Trooper". The album consists of long songs, (average time over 7 mins) with acoustic intros like "Paschendale" and "Dance of Death". The first listening of the cd left me indifferent but the more i listened to the cd the more I liked it.

The album starts with "Different World". The fastest song of the album. A fast riff and a catchy refren. The way that Maiden open their last few albums. "These Colours Don't Run" is a mid-tempo song with 3 or more solos at half time.

"Brighter Than Thousand Suns" starts with an accoustic intro and continues with a really strange and good riff. The song lasts 8:45 mins and it has many changes in tempo, riffs and solos. Nice song.

The album continues with a classic Maiden album, "The Pilgrim". A 5 min song with dual vocals and dual lead guitars. Once again the 3 guitars work to full at solos.

In the "The Longest Day" Dickinson finally shows his potential. Singing high and low, fast and slow, gets your attention. Once again Maiden changes their speed from fast to slow and back again. Interesting ideas and nice guitar parts.

"Out of the Shadows" is something close to a ballad (?). It seems that Dickinson warmed up (:p) and now the album sounds even more promising.

As you hear the first tunes of "The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg" you will start to think that the album gets more and more interesting. 7:22 with strange melodies and even more strange lyrics and a great atmosphere.

"For the Greater Good of God" is a never ending song! It last more than 9 mins and yet it's not boring. Starting as a slow-tempo song it changes to fast and then to mid-tempo song. A hailstorm of solos, speed changes and riffs.

"Lord of the Light" is another strange song changing. Maiden change their style form soft to powerfull and energetic all the time during the 7 mins of the song.

The album closes with "The Legacy". Another long song with an acoustic intro...or not exactly. The best song of the album. 9 mins where Maiden's music shines...

In every song the lyrics talk about war and actualy there is one question: "Why do we go to war?". "A Matter of Life and Death" sure is not the best album that Maiden released. Sure it doesn't have a song that will be a new "Fear of the Dark" or "Trooper", but yet is a solid release.

First, I believe that someone has to listen the album in reverse order since the best songs are at the end of the album

Second, unfortunately Maiden made the same mistake for the second time (first time was at Virual XI). The songs are far too long...Almost all songs are over 7:30 mins and that makes the album a non-easy listening.

"A Matter Of Life and Death" needs time. You have to listen to the album lot of times. In the end Iron Maiden once again they hold the flag of Heavy Metal proudly.

Dickinson - Vocals
Gers - Guitars
Smith - Guitars
Murray - Guitars
Harris - Bass
McBrain - Drums


01. Different World
02. These Colours Don't Run
03. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
04. The Pilgrim
05. The Longest Day
06. Out Of The Shadows
07. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
08. For The Greater Good Of God
09. Lord Of Light
10. The Legacy

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I see that you refrained from posting a rating... which is rather suspicious and vague! What is it with you and Maiden? Did they offer you free tickets? Chicks? Grass? Come on! Fight it! Don't sell yourself so easily! You know you are better than that! You were a beacon of light in a dark world of jobbery and deceit up until now! Please, we need the ratings! You can do it! You said its overly long, and definitely not their best album! 50? 60? It can't be more than 70! Bury it as you should! Be all you can be! Be the incorrupt, merciless critic we know and love! Rate it!

Hmm... that last part sounds a lot like rape it... but you're the expert! I'm sure you can figure it out! :P

Posted on 13/9/06 19:59  

I didn't put a rating in purpose. Although I listen the album for the last month but I still I have mixed feelings. I guess its around 70-75...

Posted on 13/9/06 21:01  

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