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Sense of Fear is a Heavy Metal band that was formed in 1998 in Kozani, Greece.

Their debut album “As The Ages Passing By…” is a result of almost 20 years working hard on the songs, each one picked up carefully and with a unique story to tell, alongside a deep feeling within.

Fear is a key instinct for humans to survive” as they say.  

All the lyrics come from personal experiences and emotions, and this is a way to express themselves and fight their personal demons, the band states.

Their debut album “As The Ages Passing By…” was released via Rockshots Records on April 20, 2018.

 And now more details about this Greek band :

The band's original name was Holy Prophecy and founding members were Giannis Kikis - Guitars & Vocals , Themis Iakovidis - Guitars,   Markos Kikis - Drums.

During their early period they composed their first 2 songs, entitled "Lord of the World" and "Holy Prophecy" (music & lyrics by Giannis Kikis).

One year later, in 1999, Lazos K. joined the band as a vocalist.

Then there was the time when they came up with the songs "Sense of Fear" (music Giannis, lyrics Lazos / Giannis) and "Slaughter of Innocence" (music & lyrics by Giannis Kikis), and they decided to rename the band into SENSE OF FEAR.

During the same year there were two more member additions Antonis K. Bass Kostas Μ. 3rd Guitar And that was the lineup till 2003.

 In 2003, Lazos Kostas and Antonis all left the band, and Asteris Z. joined, taking up vocals.
There were some shows and a rehearsal recording in the next 2 years, till 2005, when Asteris quited and Dimitris G. joined in Bass.

 2006 was a productive year in music terms, with 3 more complete songs being composed by Giannis Kikis: "Torture of Mind", "As the ages passing by, time still runs against us" and "Few against many".

One year later, Manos fills in the position of the vocalist, to help the band with some live shows like the one in "wall Club", Ptolemaida.

 From 2007 to 2012, there was a period of inactivity for Sense of fear.

But it was only a matter of time till the band came alive and back on the road.

 In early 2013, Ilias K. joined the band as a vocalist and the current line up for Sense of Fear is :

Giannis Kikis - Guitars
Themis Iakovidis - Guitars
Markos Kikis - Drums
Dimitris Gkatziaris - Bass
Ilias Kytidis - Vocals

Go hear them and...enjoy!

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