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By Michael m on 6:08 PM 20 June 2018

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2015 : The year that the Swedish band Ghost released their amazing third album Meliora. Back then i was talking about how amazed i was about this recording and how difficult would be for the band to record an even better album in the future.

2016 : Popestar. An EP that had only one original track ( Square hammer) and the other four were cover songs. But the song Square hammer was more than enough for me to make me  wonder how great would be their fourth album cause for me was one of the hit songs of the 2016!

2018 : At last their fourth album is out. And its name?
Prequelle .

The band with several videos before their album relsease introduce us their new singer, Cardinal Copia .

So what do i think about Ghost's new album? Before you continue reading this article do me a favor . Press the track 6 of the album or see the following video :

Dance Macabre : Until now is the absolute summer hit!!! Press the repeat button and dance dance!!!!

"Just wanna be
Wanna bewitch you in the moonlight
Just wanna be
I wanna bewitch you all night "

Did you hear it many times? are you now ready to continue reading my review? What? do you want to hear it again? well read first and then go back to your dance!!!

Ok then let's continue with the review!!

This album constists of 10 songs and they are 2 excellent cover songs in the deluxe slbum version so in my opinion go grab the deluxe without second thought! ( A Pet Shop Boys' cover song and a Leonard Cohen's cover song !!).

Among these 10 songs are the excellent  instrumental songs, MiasmaHelvetesfonster (close your eyes while you're hearing to this and anjoy a moment of magic!)   and the track 1 that is an intro to this new Ghost's journey! ( Ashes).

What to say about this recording.... Excellent performance by Cardinal Copia or Tobias Forge if you prefere(he is the man behind the mask) , great music and the lyrics in Ghost's unique style . We have a full package that will satisfy everyone!

In conclution: After Meloria i didn't expect to say that but ... Prequelle is an even better album . For sure the best Ghost album until now!! As for the best song in this recording i would say all of them if ...if Dance Macabre wouldn't have been written !!! Well done Ghost!! Looking forward to see you perform it on stage!!!

Tracklist : 

"See the Light"
"Miasma" (Instrumental)
"Dance Macabre"
"Pro Memoria"
"WItch Image"
"Helvetenfonster" (Instrumental)
"Life Eternal"

in the deluxe edition :

 "It's a sin" ( Pet Shop Boys' cover)
 "Avalanche" ( Leonard Cohen cover)

Ghost are :

Papa Emeritus – vocals (2008–2012)Papa Emeritus II – vocals (2012–2015)Papa Emeritus III – vocals (2015–2017)Cardinal Copia – vocals (2018–present)Nameless Ghouls – guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, backing vocals
Papa Nihil – saxophone (2018–present)

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