Meet Them : God In A Cone (Greece) - Interview with God In A Cone 's creator

By Michael M. on 1:48 PM 11 July 2017

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GOD IN A CONE is based in Athens, Greece and formed less than 8 months ago.

The band is a one man project by Nikos Marinos.

4 albums so far all mixed and produced by Dimitris Delis (studio 222).

As for this project's sound? According to his creator is "experimental sounds without musical boundaries".

During this presentation i had the opportunity to talk with God In A Cone 's creator Nikos Marinos it is...

Hello Nikos and thank you for this interview.

Thanks first of all for your intention to invite me at your page

-I would like to ask you about this one man-band. How did you come up with the idea about this project and how hard is to get it work?

"God in a cone" came from a simple need to express my ideas and be able to present them genuine to the audience . As far the working process i have to admit it was really enjoyable without difficult barriers.

-Recently you released new material. Tell me a few words about it.

"Parasitoid" is a brand new album which was recorded mixed and mastered by dimitris delis (studio 222)

-Now let’s talk about live performances. How hard is to present this project on stage?

As far live perfomances i am open and i love to present my stuff! So far i've made 7 gigs which were embraced by the audience

- Did you have any gigs until now and how did people react to your music?

The live process is a little bit complicated but at the same time enjoyable ! Visual concepts are necessary elements for "God in a cone" live performances!

-Any future plans about this project? What are your dreams?

I love composing and expressing my ideas thus i will continue humble the path of "God in a cone"! 

-Thank you for this opportunity to talk about this interesting project. I ‘m always happy meeting new musicians and wish you good luck on your plans.

Thanks for the interview brother! Peace , stay strong

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great band great performer

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