Serenity Broken - RE/DeFINE - Album Review -"Something that... will simply blow up your mind! "

By Michael M. on 3:32 PM 28 May 2017

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Five years have been since the fantastic debut album Commercial Suicide of the Greek Hard rock/Alternative metal  band Serenity Broken  and we have new material by them and is something that will simply blow up your mind!!! 

Their new effort is called RE/DeFine and before i start talking about this masterpiece i must mention that behind drums is George Kollias(Nile) who gives this little extra to Serenity Broken's sound!

Re/DeFine starts with the song Fred's Story and give us  a 90's mixed with 00's feeling(Not bad at all). 
Their sound reminds us groups like Seether, Stone Sour( I love that "dirty" rock/metal and i was amazed by the way they pefrorm! )

A sample of their new material was their song Savior (was released at 2015 as digital single) which was remastered for this album, and was way better that just good and were expecting a new album since then it is!!!

Amazing grunge vocals by their singer, and a performance that is simply..perfect!!! Serenity Broken have nothing to be jealous from other groups because they released a masterpiece!!

Cathcy rythms, extrodinary riffs (makes me wanna hear this album again and again and each time i discover something new about their music!!)
Well done to their guitarist by they way they perform!! 

Best moments of this album : I'm always happy when is hard for me to talk about the best songs of an album because that means that is a very good release in overall. But i will mention three songs that amazed a little bit more :"Cutaway", "Turn Back Time", "Just Live"

In conclusion: This is a masterpiece(as i mentioned several times)!! 
They managed after 5 years since their debut album to release an even better album and i think RE/DeFine is a must hear album and among the best releases of the year so far!! 
So what are you waiting for? GO GO GO AND ENJOY IT!!



01. Freds Story (4:46)
02. Boom! (3:34)
03. Cutaway (4:49)
04. Under My Skin (3:48)
05. True Faces (4:20)
06. Faint Slit (4:16)
07. Turn Back Time (3:35)
08. Deadlock (4:20)
09. Just Live (4:22)
10. Join The Hated (4:26)
11. Savior (3:51)

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