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By Michael M. on 1:14 PM 30 April 2017

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1996 : The Irish group The Cranberries after their huge success album "No Need To Argue" release their third effort called "To The Faithful Departed" .

Why did i choose to talk about that specific album and not another? Cause simple i believe that this one is  underrated for the wrong reasons and has a so many good songs!
Starting with i have to admit that even i was a little dissapoited( i changed my opinion later after i heard this album several times cause  i found diamonds inside!!) when i first listened to it back in 1996.

Many people were  expecting(among them even me) songs similar to Zombie , Ode to my family , Dreaming my dreams etc.  and that's the main reason tha many people think that "To The Faithful Departed" is not so good album.

Ok not all the songs in this album were not so good ,ok The Cranberries made some mistakes trying to make again a huge success similar to Zombie  by releasing again war songs(Holywood, War child, Bosnia), ok hearing to "Holywood" reminds you the music of the great song "Zombie" but, But i say...

But this album has great songs such as the balland "When you're gone" ,

One of their greatest hit ever "Salvation",

and so so many other great stuff!!

Most songs on this album talk about loss in all levels and i find it great!

Here you can find a song that talks about John Lennon ( "I just shot John Lennon") , about Dolore's grandfather ( the so touching song "Joe") ,even a song about their previous producer that died ( one of my favorites, "Cordell")

Get lost in the melodies of " I'm still remembering" ,dance wild with " Forever yellow skies" ,go for a luna park ride with "Will you remember", just enjoy "Free to decide"

In conclusion: Don't expect to hear an album such as "No need to argue"(the best Cranberries' album so far) cause you will be disapointed.
It is unfair for the band to judge it compared to their previous album cause this is a great effort too..

Give it time,listen to the album, enjoy it and you will find so great songs that will love! I'm sure about that! Have fun!

"To The Faithful Departed" Tracklist: 

 2. "Salvation"
 3. "When You're Gone"
 4. "Free to Decide"
 5. "War Child"
 6. "Forever Yellow Skies"
 7. "The Rebels"
 8. "Intermission"
 9. "I Just Shot John Lennon"
 10. "Electric Blue"
 11. "I'm Still Remembering"
 12. "Will You Remember?"
 13. "Joe"
 14. "Cordell"
 15. "Bosnia"

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