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By Michael M. on 3:19 PM 05 March 2017

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Bringer of Pain is the fourth full-length album by the Finnish heavy metal band Battle Beast.

It is the first album without backing vocalist, guitarist, and lead songwriter Anton Kabanen.

Is by far the best album of Battle Beast. But let's be more specific about that...

Bringer Of Pain starts with the song "Straight To The Hell" and is the ideal song to introduce you the wild world of Battle Beast!!

"Hear the thunder roar 
Ooh, my love 
We'll never get enough.."

Yes we want more!!!

Second song is the "Bringer Of Pain" . The Rhythm gets wilder and we just love it. Can't wait to hear the rest album!!!

Next one is "King For A Day" one of album's best!

Until now we just dance with the wild guitars of the Finnish group!! Go Go!!

And the party has just begun!!

The sound of this album reminds us a past decades' metal but Battle Beast perform so great that make us shout "Hell yeah guys" and we want to hear more and more of them!!

Music fits perfectly with the voice of the singer Noora Louhimo.

In this record we find 10 catchy songs thet will entertain everyone( 3 more as bonus track songs! ).

I like their pop-beat experiment "Dance With The Beast" .

Ok we do not hear something unique but we have a good time and is worth our time spending to hear it.

I reccomend it to anyone that wants to hear something good and spent his evening(or any time of day) having a good time.

Well done Battle Beast !!

Album's Best Tracks : "King For A Day" ,  "Familiar Hell", "Bastard Son Of Odin"


Tracklist :

1. "Straight to the Heart"
2. "Bringer of Pain"
3. "King for a Day"
4. "Beyond the Burning Skies"
5. "Familiar Hell"
6. "Lost in Wars" (feat. Tomi Joutsen)
7. "Bastard Son of Odin"
8. "We Will Fight"
9. "Dancing with the Beast"
10. "Far From Heaven"
11. "God of War" (bonus track)
12. "The Eclipse" (bonus track)
13. "Rock Trash" (bonus track)

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