Michael's November Top 3

By Michael M. on 2:01 PM 14 December 2016

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Hello everybody!! Well here they are my top 3 favorite songs for November:

3) Bon Jovi - This House Is Not For Sale

New album from Bon Jovi ("This House Is Not For Sale")  and this is one of album's best !

2) Hammerfall - Hammer High

Built to Last
is the tenth studio album by the Swedish band HammerFall (You can read this album review here : http://metalhall.blogspot.gr/2016/11/ammerfall-built-o-last-2016-album-review.html )

and the song "Hammer High" is one of Hammerfall's best!!

1) Metallica- Halo On Fire

"Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" is their best album for the last 20 years!!! (Review comming soon guys!!)

And the song Halo On Fire is the album's best!! The least 2:30 minutes of it gives you the chill!!

Hell Yeah Metallica are back!! 

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