Have A Metal Christmas! - Some Metal Christmas Songs!!!

By Michael M. on 1:49 PM 20 December 2016

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Christmas day is comming guys and several metal artists sing about this special day of the year!

So....Enjoy them below!!

Italian metal group Lacuna Coil (their latest album is so great and you can read full critic here http://metalhall.blogspot.gr/2016/08/lacuna-coil-delirium-album-review.html ) released this month a Christmas song and is so f... awesome!!!

Greek metal group Orion's Reign released their metal version of the classic Christmas song Jingle Bells. In this song sings also the rock/metal vocalist from Norway Minniva !

Norway artist Leo Moracchioli released a metal cover song for Mariah Carey's song "All i want for Christmas" 

Well done!!

Italian metal folk band from Italy, Krampus and their metal rendition of "The Nutcracker (The mountain king)"

We wish you all a Metal Christmas  and a great time!!!

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