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By Michael M. on 3:58 PM 06 November 2016

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Hi everybody! I had the pleasure to talk with bassist Nick Michalakakos, of the Greek metal band Dark Nightmare (from Grevena, Greece) who gave us an interview and we thank him for that!

The interview : 

-Good evening Nick and thank you for the interview! I could say so many things about the band you play to, Dark Nightmare, but I would like to hear it from you! Could you introduce "Dark Nightmare" to the readers of Metal Hall eZine? 

Currently, the band consists of John Papadimitriou (vocals and guitars), Dimos Konstantinidis (drums), George Karagiannis (keyboards) and Nick Michalakakos (bass). There are still two members who complete the "live-composition" of the band, Christos Tolis (guitar) and Nick Vogiatzis (keyboards). This is due to the fact that George now lives permanently abroad and as you know it is impossible to follow the live performances.

-This year you released your third studio album (Tortured Souls) for which I have to say only good things (you can read the review of Tortured Souls here : http://metalhall.blogspot.gr/2016/06/dark-nightmare-tortured-souls-album.html). How the fans respond to it so far?

First, I would like to thank you for the review and generally for your kind words. It seems that people have responded very well to our new album. 

At least we are very pleased. Even from our first live shows, although the album has been recently released, people were familiar with the tracks of Tortured Souls. 

I have to admit that (although I always believed in the material during the recordings) I was very curious to see how fans will react to our new songs. Even if our musical style has not changed, there are influences that fans maybe would not accept.

-What do you believe regarding the changes in the sound of the band during the years of your existence as a band. Also do you think that think that you have more fans? Do you attract more people to your gigs?

Our sound has evolved over time. In terms of quality and production our sound has been clearly improved, I think everyone will agree on this. Regarding our style I believe that are not many difference even comparing to “The Blood Land”. Certainly, in “Tortured Souls” you will find influences that we did not have previously. The band normally matures in course of time and since our first demo it has been 15 years.

Lately the gigs generally do not attract as many people as previously. There are many reasons for that (even for us, as fans, it is more difficult to decide to go to a live gig) mainly economic. But when we decide to go, we want to have a really good time, so gigs today may be less crowded but not less alive. As a band we have proposals to play in various places around Greece and we want to honour our audience. Fans recognise that and they appreciate it.

-What was the band's worst moment?

That’s a difficult question to answer. There was never friction in the band, as a member of the band I was always felt very comfortable. 

The only thing that comes to mind is our live appearance in the An Club in March 2015 during the Up the Hammer X Fest and more precisely during the warm up show. 

That day everything went wrong. We started without any sound from the bass and we forced to continue with a borrowed one. In general we had a huge problem with the sound on stage. Giannis tried his best to cope with the vocals but his throat was harsh from early on. However, during our worst moment the fans showed their love to the band and in a way “replaced” Giannis for the biggest part of the live. For me, it was a shocking experience in the mid of all this unlucky moments.

-And the band's best moment?

Every bands best moments are during their live appearances, especially when you see the fans to have a great time. For Dark Nightmare, the best moment is when we are on the same stage with bands that they are our “heroes”, when after the live they come to us, or from the fans, and say one or two good words, like when we played in Larisa and you know that people from Athens, Thessaloniki or Trikala came to our show despite their difficulties.

-What are your future plans? Any gigs abroad?

At the moment we are planning some live appearances for November. We do not refuse to play in any place as long as our costs are secured. We are not obsessed to play abroad. As a Greek band that has worked with Greek companies, our promotion abroad is limited and under these circumstances is very difficult to accept a proposal to play outside Greece.

-How is your music regarded abroad?

I have not heard anything in the news! I am joking of course. With the promotion that we can afford is very difficult to reach many ears. Individually, our music has reached some people outside Greece, mainly online but it is mostly due lack. Some people send us messages expressing even admiration but these are individual cases of people that they are really digging this kind of music.

-How someone can buy Dark Nightmare’s music?

In our lives for sure and in any shops (of those who remain of course) that support the Greek scene

Certainly in our Live and from there to all the shops (what naturally left) supporting the Greek scene. 

On some of them there is possible-section and be purchased online. In some them there is an option to buy our CDs online.

-How the Greek crisis has affected bands like Dark Nightmare in their music production?

The band lives and creates music in Greece, if we were ship-owners maybe we wouldn’t be affected but as you understand we are not and we are affected. Creatively not negative. 

The crisis is also an incentive to some of us, offering themes and much more time for music creation. 

However, when we reach the point to present our work with dignity to a high quality lever and with respect to our fans, fund are needed. 

If you want a professional work, you need to hire professionals. I believe you understand what I mean. 

The album is not food that you can put in the oven at 250C for two hours and it will be ready. Third parties should take care to bring it to a higher level, and all this work is paid by the band with “blood and sweat”. 

We accepted the comments, and for other bands, regarding production and sound issues but these things were never easy to resolve in Greece, for different reasons at different periods. It is a reality of our country that we cannot avoid.

-Can you describe the daily life of the members of Dark Nightmare?

The daily life of the members of Dark Nightmare is the same as our fans and friends. We work during the mornings or during the evenings and nights and we spend our free time on what we love the most. Basically, it is Heavy Metal and some of us with football. Giannis who is more athletic, plays other sports too.

Professional obligations do not allow for regular rehearsals. At least not as many as we would like. But we do not quail. We are Metalheads, the cure for Heavy Metal has not been found yet and we remain sick.

-Thank you very much for this chat. I would like to close this interview with a message from you to your fans and the people that just discovered your music.

To the fans of the Greek scene I would like to tell them to never stop supporting it. They should know that they support one of the purest things in this place.

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