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By Michael M. on 3:58 PM 08 November 2016

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1995: A friend suggests me a new band. "Is so cool,so great, you will like it, you will love it, i'm sure about it" , he said to me. "Garbage is the band's name"

I doubted about it... i always have my doubts when i hear such great comments about something.. i want to judge by myself..

But damn he was right!!

That singer,,, Shirley Manson... I was amazed by her voice... one of my favorite records of that year for sure!!

1998: Second album for Garbage. I wouldn't be more happy about it. Songs and lyrics on same style as their debut and i am starting to believe that i found a new group to adore.... their dark sound is so special...


2001,2005,2012... Why why Garbage? 3 albums on which they changed their sound on each one of them, tried some new things on their music (i am not against for groups trying new things on their music and in general trying to evolve their sound but for Garbage was a dissaster) and they lost their so special style,their magic... ok i admit that on those recording Garbage had also their good momments but not like their 2 first...i was so sad about it...

2016: Shirley Manson told in an interview that Garbage are ready to release a new recording... ok by that, another Garbage recording... but but..she also said that their new album (Strange Little Birds) will be on the same style as their debut and darker than their previous one!!! What the f.... Only by that statement i was looking forward to that album...

She was absolutely right!!! YEAH!!

I was waiting so many years for that kind of songs from Garbage !!!

The songs and lyrics are on the same dark style we loved on Garbage's 2 first album.
Songs such as Empty, Magnetized, Blackout confirm that it really is a great album and that follows the style of the first two.

Strange Little Birds is not an easy to hear album.

Besides the radio hits Empty , Magnetized it's possible when someone hears this album for the 1st time not to be sattisfied completely by its songs.

But after a few hearings I am sure you will just love the new songs cause... the good old Garbage we all loved are back!!!

I just hope that they'll continue on their next album on this style of music!

But until the next album is a reality let's press the repeat button to enjoy this one ,once again!!!

Top moments : "Empty" , "Magnetized" , "Blackout" , "We never tell"


Garbage are :

Shirley Manson – lead vocals,
Steve Marker – guitar, keyboards
Duke Erikson – bass guitar, keyboards, guitar
Butch Vig – drums, percussions

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