AC/DC - Brian Johnson Or Axl Rose?

By Michael M. on 11:22 AM 17 August 2016

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"Axl Rose will be with AC/DC? AXL ROSE WILL REPLACE BRIAN JOHNSON?? WTF IS GOING ON?"  -I had this reaction when i first read the rumors about Axl Rose and AC/DC.


As you already know Axl Rose is AC/DC's singer for the rest of their tour!

This year as it's already known AC/DC's singer Brian Johnson had some health problems (problems with hearing) and AC/DC decided to replace him (i will not tell details cause i assume that you have already read so many articles about this) for the rest of their tour for a start (in the future i expect an AC/DC album with Axl on vocals).

"And why did they decide to hire Axl Rose?" I had the same reaction as many AC/DC's fans and in the start i did not like the idea that Axl will take the mic and be their singer.

Brian Johnson has a good voice (not the best but for AC/DC's style was perfect), he is professional...

on the other hand Axl Rose...

He has a good voice also but would he fit on AC/DC's style that we all adore?

The fact that he was usually late on stage on GnR's gigs and his difficult character was a big minus for this choice.

And while many negative comments were written, Axl Rose surprises us! With his great performance (i didn't really expect him to sing so great on his first gig with AC/DC) is like he told us " I am here bitches  to rock your world".

Many people still say that AC/DC with Axl rose on mic is like a tribute AC/DC band...

I say : "well done Axl, hell yeah you can still sing man! "

In conclusion : 

I still prefer Brian Johnson over Axl Rose for AC/DC's singer(ok ok Axl has a better voice but Brian's voice is better for AC/DC's style don't you think?) but i must admit i really enjoyed Axl with AC/DC on stage so..i'm ok now with that!

Go Go Axl surprise us more..Be once more the great singer that you used to be!

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