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By Michael M. on 9:12 AM 02 June 2016

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After three years and their very good album Beneath the Veils of Winter I am delighted to hear their new effort Tortured Souls.

Third full lenght album for the metal group from Grevena, Greece.

But where to begin the review of this album?

Since their last album was very good my expectations for this album were great.

When I got my hands on the cd and the band told me "This album is better from the previous one, in fact is so so great" i said to myself "ok the just exaggerate and and they are excited with their new recording so let's hear it and see if is true"

They were right!!

Tortured Souls is Dark Nightmare's best album so far!!

Nine great songs. Wonderful compositions(so so so f..ing great,well done Dark Nightmare!!), vocals better than ever.

My only complain is that i want more songs! More Dark Nightmare!!

Grab a beer and put the album on repeat.
You will not regret it.

One of the best metal releases of 2016 so far. 


Tracklist :

1. I-life
2. Crown of innocence
3. Eternal forest
4. Waiting for the light
5. Slaughter
6. Land of ashes
7.Streets of despair
8.Borders of pain
9. Crimson 731

Dark Nightmare are :

Giannis Papadimitriou - Vocals/Guitars
Dimos Konstantinidis - Drums
Nick Mihalakakos-bass
George Karagiannis-keys

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