Brian Johnson : "AC/DC Forgot Me" / Axl Rose On AC/DC?

By Michael M. on 10:56 PM 07 April 2016

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Radio producer and actor Jim Breuer visited a few days ago a friend of Brian Johnson and in his "The Metal in Me", he revealed what he said to him.

"He is upset. Brian told me that he called them to tell them what the doctor said , that he did not think it is so serious and we should see it all together and find a solution. 

But the next day saw the press : "AC/DC's tour is canceled , Brian Johnson loses his hearing. He feels that AC / DC forgot him as if it means nothing to them."

"But suddenly all my suitcases and things I had on tour, sent back to my home! Not one phone call to ask me how are you, how is your hearing, what happens. Bam ! here are your stuff, we were pleased to meet you ", said Johnson.

Brian Johnson feels that they have found a new singer as Breuer said.

A few days ago the radio Atlanta Radio 100.5, said that "a very good source spoke of Axl Rose spotted in Atlanta, where he had arrived to begin rehearsals with the AC / DC»

American TMZ some time ago published exclusive photos, in which we see Axl Rose to withdraw from studios in Atlanta.

Shortly after they left and the AC / DC members.

Certainly nothing official has been announced by either side.

Will see...

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