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By Michael m on 10:50 PM 06 March 2016

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The astonishing... Is the most appropriate title that Dream Theater could name their new album since we are talking about an amazing album!!!

But why describe this record in this way ? To begin..

The Astonishing is the thirteenth studio album and second concept album Dream Theater, released as a double album, through Roadrunner Records.

The album's story was conceived by guitarist John Petrucci and its music was written by Petrucci and keyboardist Jordan Rudess.

Composer David Campbell was hired to assist with orchestrating the album's string lines and choirs. Recording was completed throughout 2015 at Cove City Sound Studios in Long Island, New York, with the exception of vocals, which were recorded in Canada. Mixing and sound engineering were performed by the band's longtime collaborator, Richard Chycki, with Petrucci producing.

34 songs in total, which can scare the listener at first but devoting time to listen will justify his choice and will leave him with a feeling of satisfaction.

Οf course I have to say at this point that you may have to listen to the album more than 3-4 times to say and understand that this is a musical gem. 

Perhaps one of the best albums of Dream Theater.

Something on this album which pleasantly surprised me is that this time Dream Theater except one song(A New Beginning) didn't write long songs (some were boring at the past).

The story...
The Astonishing is set in a dystopian United States and follows the Ravenskill Rebel Militia in their efforts to defy the Great Northern Empire of the Americas using the magical power of music.

It was inspired by contemporary fantasy and science fiction franchises such as Game of Thrones and Star Wars, as well as Petrucci's observations on the ubiquity of technological automation in modern-day society.

In their effort to match the album's narrative, Dream Theater wrote songs in a wide variety of styles ranging from mellow ballads to their more conventional progressive metal sound.

Wonderful melodies and 2 cd into that wonderfully develops the story that the band wants to tell us.

Press play and enjoy!!


Tracklist :

Act I

1. "Descent of the NOMACs" (NOMACs instrumental)
2. "Dystopian Overture" (Instrumental)
3. "The Gift of Music"
4. "The Answer"
5. "A Better Life"
6. "Lord Nafaryus"
7. "A Savior in the Square"
8. "When Your Time Has Come"
9. "Act of Faythe"
10. "Three Days"
11. "The Hovering Sojourn" (NOMACs instrumental)
12. "Brother, Can You Hear Me?"
13. "A Life Left Behind"
14. "Ravenskill"
15. "Chosen"
16. "A Tempting Offer"
17. "Digital Discord" (NOMACs instrumental)
18. "The X Aspect"
19. "A New Beginning"
20. "The Road to Revolution"

Act II

1. "2285 Entr'acte" (Instrumental)
2. "Moment of Betrayal"
3. "Heaven's Cove"
4. "Begin Again"
5. "The Path That Divides"
6. "Machine Chatter" (NOMACs instrumental)
7. "The Walking Shadow"
8. "My Last Farewell"
9. "Losing Faythe"
10. "Whispers on the Wind"
11. "Hymn of a Thousand Voices"
12. "Our New World"
13. "Power Down" (NOMACs instrumental)
14. "Astonishing"

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