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Paddy And The Rats is an Irish Pub Punk Rock band based out of Miskolc Hungary.

The group was founded by Paddy O'Reilly (songwriter, vocals), Vince Murphy (bass) and Joey MacOnkay (electric guitar) in 2008. Seamus Connelly (drums), Sonny Sullivan (accordion) and Same McKenzie (fiddle, Irish whistles, bagpipes, mandolin) later joined the group.

The music is
Irish and Celtic folk but they combine punk rock, and some Russian, Gypsy and polka elements.

 In 2010, the bands first album Rats on Board was released. It was a big hit even outside Hungary even winning second place in the album of the year poll from Celtic-rock portal.

In 2010 they were the most downloaded Hungarian band on iTunes.

 In 2011, the second album from Paddy and the Rats was released titled, Hymns For Bastards, which was a more upbeat album.

 In 2012, their third album, Tales From The Docks was released.

In 2012 Sonny Sullivan left the band while Bernie Bellamy took his place.

 On September 7, 2015, the fourth album, Lonely Hearts' Boulevard was released. Paddy stated that this album was more experimental and darker than their previous album and wanted a titled that showed that. The title was also influenced by Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Albums :

Rats on Board (2010)
Hymns For Bastards (2011)
Tales From The Docks (2012)
Lonely Hearts' Boulevard (2015)


Paddy O'Reilly - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Sam McKenzie - Fiddle, Bagpipe, Banjo, Whistle's
Bernie Bellamy - Accordion, Backing Vocals
Joey MacOnkay - Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals
Vince Murphy - Bass, Backing Vocals
Seamus Connelly - Drums

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