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By Michael M. on 9:21 AM 02 December 2015

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Anthology is a Symphonic Metal Band from Nižná in Slovakia.

The band around Frontlady Raylyn Shayde ( Her real name is Lubica Gavlasová) started out in 2008. Initially there was only Majo Gonda (composer and guitarist) assisted by their former member Ján Kičin.
Young and determined from the beginning they gradually managed to grow in quality and numbers.

Some of the current members were part of the initial demo called Exitus: Miro Grman (guitar), Martin Solárik (bass) and Peter Pleva (drums).

Exitus, the title song, is a soft and gentle piece of Symphonic Metal and  it was a lady called Alexandra Hírešová on vocals.

 Due to personal reasons Alexandra was replaced with Raylyn Shade in 2013.

Following Exitus the band played many concerts locally but this was not enough for Anthology so when they started on their next project - The Prophecy - they took a more focused approach.

The Prophecy is definitely a big step forward. The album was mixed by Roland Grapow (those of you that follow the world of Heavy Metal will know that he used to be in Helloween and is now a member of MasterPlan).

According to Fireworks Magazine: "Front-lady Raylyn Shayde possesses a pleasantly accented, non-classically trained voice reminiscent of Sharon Den Adel or Charlotte Wessels, without quite being in the same league (yet)..."

Anthology are: 

Raylyn Shayde - vocals,
Majo Gonda - lead guitar,
Miro Grman - rhythm guitar,
Peter Pleva - drums,
Martin Solárik - keyboard,
Kristián Žilinec - bass guitar

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