Bruce Dickinson - My New Personal Album Will Not Be Released Soon

By Michael M. on 9:34 PM 17 September 2015

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Iron Μaiden have released a new album (The Book Of Souls) and all the band members have given many interviews.

Bruce Dickinson in a recend interview was questioned about his new solo album.

Before he reveals his future plans he told the story behind the first song of The Book Of Souls, his own If Eternity Should Fail.

It is known now that the track was for the solo album that he told us the funny dialogue they had with Steve Harris.

"If Eternity Should Fail was opening track on my album that would have this title. 

Last summer Steve Harris heard it and told me he liked it and wanted to use it. And I agreed. 

He was already preparing the album and decided to title the Book of Souls. I explain the concept of the Maya. I liked it but my own track is part of another story. So the words you hear in the end is from Dr Necropolis. The bad guy of my own history. 

And I told Steve: OK, take the piece but cut the end it does not stick. It has nothing to do with the Maya. 

But he disagreed because it speaks of souls and looked cool".

As for his own album after all?

 "I have an idea. Near November and December will go into the studio just to try things. Maybe to write a demo, try my voice unhurried. There is no way to be ready in 2016 and possibly even 2017. There is no hurry. "

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