Queensrÿche - Watch Their Upcoming Album's Cover And Tracklist

By Michael M. on 10:14 PM 05 August 2015

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"Condition Hüman" is the upcoming fifteenth studio album by American progressive heavy metal band Queensrÿche, due to be released on October 2, 2015 through Century Media.
Chris "Zeuss" Harris is the producer of this album and here is Condition Human's artwork :


1."Arrow of Time"  
4."Toxic Remedy"  
5."Selfish Lives"  
9."Just Us"  
10."All There Was"  
11."The Aftermath"  
12."Condition Hüman"  

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The same morons on Youtube are still running around in circles with their fake accounts. Buck Norris is either Jeffrey Loux or this guy, Jorge Velasco. he has an account on Twitter adictoalfut

Jeffrey Loux was the original idiot with multiple Youtube username EGX500, Elduce580, Ringle41, and a few others dating back to 2008. He is a Geoff Tate loyalist and can be found on Facebook.

Jorge Velasco is a copycat poster that popped up around 2014. I think his original handle was Juan Hazboun. Then he created a bunch of ripoff accounts Todd and Sucks QR Rip, AlemaniaChampion and a bunch of others.

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