Nicole Ansperger Leaves Eluveitie

By Michael M. on 2:54 PM 04 August 2015

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"It is with great regret that we have to announce the departure of our violin player Nicole Ansperger. We have enjoyed a wonderful year of adventures with Nicole, circling the globe and completing the first part of the “Origins” world tour together – our biggest, longest and most successful one yet.
Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to manage personal obligations and take care of a family alongside a life of constant touring, and Nicole’s priorities are with her family – where they should be. We are parting amicably and would like to thank Nicole for the good times and her musical contribution. It’s been an honour to share stage & studio with such a talented musician!" , Eluveitie wrote about their violist Nicole Ansperger on their official site.

 “Dear fans: As mentioned before it can become pretty difficult to reconcile personal obligations and the touring life. A lot of things have changed within my family and my personal situation during the last 12 months; and now my familial situation makes it impossible to me to be on the road with my band constantly. 

After careful consideration and with a heavy & bleeding heart I made the desicion to leave Eluveitie. I was a very hard step to me and I will miss Eluveitie – the music, the band, the crew and very much also YOU, the fans! I wanna thank you all – you`ve been the best fans of the world to me!!! You rocked, you`ve been wonderful and I won`t forget you! 

Also I`d like to thank my mates in Eluveitie – thank you for the amazing and intense time we had together!

 You`ll always be in my remembrance! I wish you all the very best for your future ways and of course I wish you a awesome new fiddle player. smile emoticon This certainly doesn`t mean an end to my musical career. Music will always be a very important part of my life and who knows – maybe we`ll see each other again one day. 

Keep on rockin, guys & girls!” , wrote Nicole Ansperger to say goodbye.

"Now, the show must go on, and as you might know we are about to kick off another part of our world tour in early September. Nicole’s last show with us will take place at the In Extremo Festival on September 5th, 2015." , Eluveitie wrote.

 "Starting right now, we are looking for a talented violin player to step in and complete three months of touring with us, from September 7th to December 15th, 2015.", the Swiss folk metal band continued writing.

 More details about that you can find on their official site.

Nicole Ansperger joined Eluveitie on 2013.

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