Michael Kiske/Amanda Somerville - City Of Heroes - Review (2015)

By Michael m on 12:20 PM 11 May 2015

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After their debut album in 2010, which was very good, singers Michael Kiske and Amanda Somerville unite their voices again five years later and we have an even better result.

Once again it appears how harmoniously are combined the voices of both artists as a result which will leave satisfied even the most skeptical listener.

From the beggining of the album ("City of heroes") we understand that it is necessary to push up the sound so we can enjoy the dynamic tracks that will follow.

Next one is the amazing "Walk on water" which invites you to travel to melodic streets and rightly was the second videoclip from this album ( the first was "City of heroes").

In the ballad "Ocean of tears" will simply close your eyes and lose yourself in pictures.

And after relaxation time to upload again pace with "Open your eyes" to come immediately after one of the best of the disc "Last Coodbye". Then comes the modest "After the night is over" and when you say "okay no more good songs" hear the "Run with a dream" and change your mind.

The album closes with the good "Right now" but we would prefer another one to close this great album (preferably the "Last goodbye" to have close analogue of entry).

Conclusion: This is a very good album that you can listen to, pleasant from start to finish. We expect subsequent jobs in the future. Well done Michael, thumbs Amanda.


1."City of Heroes"
2."Walk on Water"
3."Rising Up"
5."Lights Out"
6."Breaking Neptune"
7."Ocean of Tears"
8."Open Your Eyes"
9."Last Goodbye"
10."After The Night Is Over"
11."Run With a Dream"
12."Right Now"

Michael Kiske - Vocals
Amanda Somerville - Vocals
Mat Sinner - Bass
Magnus Karlsson - Guitar, Keyboards
Veronika Lukesova - Drums
Sander Gommans - Additional Lead Guitar

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