Are Volbeat A Metal Band?

By Michael M. on 7:32 PM 29 April 2015

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Volbeat's frontman Michael Poulsen in a recent interview on Seattle's radio station KISW 99.9 talked about the musical style of his band.

He said that volbeat can not be described exactly like a metal band nor as a rock n' roll one.

"When I sit and write, I am not locked into a specific genre.I love metal, i love the blues, i love the gospel, the country and punk. It is enough to make me feel something and I get positive feeling .
I do not want to limit myself thinking that it should be only a metal song, something i write.Volbeat have no connection with it. I have great respect all the great metal bands that have found their style and really do not want to change something. But regarding Volbeat, I will not even say that we are metal or rock 'n' roll.
", Poulsen said.

"It's like old times , I write most of the material but there are certain points open for guitarist Robb Caggiano, which can add some of his ideas. ", continued saying about the successor of their last album Outlaw Gentlemen And Shady Ladies.

Volbeat are working new material and and soon we will hear something new.

Volbeat are :
Michael Poulsen – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Anders Kjølholm – bass guitar, backing vocals
Jon Larsen – drums, percussion
Rob Caggiano – lead guitar, backing vocals

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