Seasons of Tears - OUROBOROS (EP) (2015)

By Michael M. on 8:40 AM 30 March 2015

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Α new release comes from France in the field of metal. Season Of Tears is a musical project based on symphonic and progressive metal.

Though the idea of the band was born in 2012, it will have it's complete line up in 2013. Based on the ability of all members to play multiple instruments, the band has already played many times live, and has won two musical springboards.

This year they released their first Ep which is quite good.

Rating: 67/100

The Band

Juliette (Lead Singer / Choir)
Matt (Singer / Guitar / Choir)
Léna (Singer / Keyboards / Choir)
Volac (Singer / Bass)
Gaétan (Drums / Choir / Mix)


1. Hypokrisis
2. Technopolis
3. Ouroboros
4. Take Your Pain
5. Thoughts Cemetery

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